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Single containers in a swarm - spreading load?

(Ibmrob) #1

In versions previous to 1.12 if you had a docker swarm and you ran a container on the swarm manager it would distribute the work across all the swarm nodes.

In version 1.12 if you “run” an container on the docker manager, now it only creates it on the manager and does not spread the load. The containers we are creating are single node (not scaled) short lived and run with the “–rm” flags. The new docker service does not fit this use case.

With a 1.12 swarm how do I just distribute single containers across the swam?

(Hstang9876) #2

I don’t believe this is supported which is unfortunate. Still looking for confirmation. It would be nice if the Docker folks would consider adding support for this. I asked this similar question

(Michael Romanchuk) #3

This functionality must exist if my team is going to continue using Docker Swarm. I wonder why this functionality was removed?