Sinusbot on Docker: Can´t find config.ini after installation // Personal settings will not be saved

Hi all,

I have installed the Sinusbot on my Synology NAS DS918+ with the guide on the site “”. The installation worked so far and I can hear music but now I noticed two problems with my installation:

  1. There is one step “Editing the config file” in this guideline. But I can´t find the file in any folder. The folder “/opt/docker/sinusbot/config” is available but there is no file in it. Where can I find the file?

  2. My personal settings on the Sinusbot webpage will not be saved. When I change the theme or the language, the changes are only working until I reload the page. After the reload the changes will be reset to the defaults.

Can somebody help me with my problems? Or maybe this guideline is not working correctly anymore and there is a newer version of the guide?

Here are some infos regarding my installation:

  • OS Version:
    PC: Windows 10 x64
    NAS: DSM 6.2

  • App version Sinusbot: 0.13.37-9791176

  • App version Docker: 17.05.0-0379

  • TS3 client version in Docker: 3.1.9

If you still need more info, feel free to ask.

Best regards