Slow network checks and dhcp at machine startup. static ip?


im on windows 10 and my docker machine (virtualbox driver) takes a bit more than 40 sec to boot
it takes 5 sec to "check network to re-create if needed"
and 35 sec “waiting for an IP”

i obviously dont need neither of this. i don’t need DHCP for it’s the only machine i use, and i would prefer to set a static ip. (the only info i found about setting a static IP is a dirty one-ip-range-DHCP workaround hack which does not solve my problem)

does anyone have an idea about why it is taking so long and how i could get rid of this useless boot time ?

Sorry for necroposting :slight_smile: but I have exactly the same issue (except that my host OS is Win7).
ifconfig eth1 netmask
ip route add default via
into /var/lib/boot2docker/ of the VM. After restart docker-machine ip VM shows new IP, and subsequent restarts don’t change it. But Waiting for an IP... during restart takes 30 seconds as before.
As far as I can gather, works but needs some collaboration from… boot2docker? docker-machine? VBoxManage? What can I do to eradicate DHCP?