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Slow performance UCP Dashboard

(Jurgen Allewijn) #1


I have installed Docker Datacenter 1.0 trial on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS running on Azure. I run everything on one node. When I logon to the UCP dashboard it is very slow. When I’m logged on and use the dashboard there also often a lot of wait time when i select a different menu item.
The trusted registry page responds much faster and I don’t have a lot of wait time there.
Any thoughts?

System on Azure is
type D1
1 core
3.5 gb mem
2 datadisks
max 2x500 iops
50gb ssd

It happens when I connect using Chrome or Firefox as a browser. When I use Internet Explorer I don’t have issues.


(Vivek Saraswat) #2

Hi Jurgen,

That’s definitely a bit odd. Which areas are you seeing particular delays, and how long are those delays?

(Jurgen Allewijn) #3

Basically everything within the web console
Today I even got gateway timeouts in chrome while in Internet explorer it
worked correctly at the same time

(Vivek Saraswat) #4

Can you show output of the UCP controller logs when these timeouts or delays occur with Chrome? And can you show ucp controller log output when running the same commands on IE? Just trying to see if UCP is running into specific issues here.

Normally there shouldn’t be any issues between those browsers (I usually connect with Chrome).