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So what are we actually paying Docker Cloud for?

(Bilal Akil) #1

Sorry if this is a stupid train of thought, but I’m trying to understand the pricing for Docker Cloud and have managed to confuse myself.

Two key things I’ve read on

Docker Cloud

  • A hosted and managed Containers as a Service (CaaS) platform for small application teams


$0.02 / node hour

So, it says it’s hosted and managed. However from what I understand after logging in and looking around, I need to provide a link to the infrastructure myself, either via AWS or Azure or BYON.

So correct me if I’m wrong here - if I were to continue and use Docker Cloud, it’d use that “link” to spawn some EC2 containers or what not, and then I’d have to pay for that in AWS. Then, on top of that, is the 2 cents per node hour.

The reason I figure that’s the case is because it’s still the same 2 cents per hour even if going for the BYON option. It wouldn’t make sense for them to provide EC2 resources for free.

Doesn’t that mean that Docker Cloud is not “hosted”? We’ve got to provide the hosting, and pay for that separately. In a sense we’re just paying for the Docker Cloud software and things like dashboards, etc.

(Neam) #2

That is very confusing indeed. The Containers are not hosted by Docker cloud.
Docker Cloud offers orchestration, and that’s what you pay for. The orchestration services, UI and API is hosted and managed by Docker Cloud.

That is, instead of manually running your Docker containers, services and stacks in AWS EC2 or ECS, Docker Cloud provides the UI and API to simplify deployment, scaling, monitoring etc of those containers, services and stacks.