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SoftTimeLimitExceeded when creating a new swarm in Microsoft Azure


(Willyt150) #1

I’m running through the getting started guide and made it to Get Started, Part 6: Deploy your app

I followed the video tutorial Create a new swarm on Microsoft Azure in Docker Cloud and the creation of the swarm appeared to be working, but eventually failed with the following in the logs: ERROR: SoftTimeLimitExceeded()

This is all being done through the Docker Cloud dashboard with Swarm Mode(beta) on.

Is there something that I can do to get this working?

(Karlalnebratt) #2

Experiencing the same problem. Any solution?

(Lukeangel) #3

same on my side have been experiencing for over two weeksnow

(Jerry Baker) #4

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to give an update and let you know we have experienced this internally within the last week. I’m submitting a bug report and will provide updates in any support issues.

Let us know if you have any further questions.



(Amegianeg) #5

@willyt150 @karlalnebratt @lukeangel sorry for the trouble and thanks for reporting. The issue should be fixed now, can you check on your sides?

(Lukeangel) #6

I can confirm that this is working.
Drastic improvements are needed to the documentation and user experience. I
I know a great technical product manager that could help with this

(Lukeangel) #7

new users can only put one image in a post is a hilarious restriction.

End Result Test Pass
This swarm testing all the way through…

Side Note
The previous installs had some issues deleting the resources on the cloud provider as well. I had to manually delete them. This one deleted OK by just using docker cloud. You might want to add to the documentation to double check that the resources associated with the swarm were deleted. I had one of the non working swarms up for a few days thinking that the termination deleted the associated resources which it didn’t and this caused a some un-necessary charges to occur.

(Willyt150) #8

Creation of the swarm was successful this time. Looks good. Thanks

(Chujanen) #9

I’ve been having this problem in the past couple of days (my first attempt at using Docker Swarm). Is this still a problem for anyone else?