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[SOLVED] Creating a node clusters fails

(Raman Gupta) #1

Hello, Digital Ocean recently introduced the notion of “teams”. A team is an aggregation of user accounts for billing and security purposes. However, when I attempt to create a node cluster with an account which is part of a team, and the team has billing/credit card information on file with Digital Ocean, Docker Cloud does not create the node cluster – the dev tools shows a response with a 402 payment required status.

Request URL:
Request Method:POST
Remote Address:

Thanks for your assistance!

UPDATE 07/13: I thought this was related to teams, but adding the billing information to the user did not help. I still get the same 402 PAYMENT REQUIRED error. Can anyone explain why?

(Raman Gupta) #2

UPDATE: The reason for the failure was missing billing information in Docker Cloud, not in Digital Ocean.