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[Solved] Random automated builds fail with 'No Logs Available'

I have an ongoing issue for around 5 days now where automated builds (triggered by github release) are randomly failing with nothing shown in the console output on Docker Hub other than ;No logs available’, output to console output of such a build:-

kicked off the same build again by clicking the retry button with NO code changes and it built successfully:-

VERY frustrating, i’m getting a lot of failures due to this, i can only assume its due to infrastructure issues (aws?).

EDIT - Just kicked off a build of another image and it failed 3 times in a row! with the classic ‘No logs available’ message, 4th time clicking retry and the build eventually went through, come on Docker Hub PLEASE sort this out!.

Link to the repo for any Doicker Hub devs to investiage the issue:-

I can confirm, we have the exact same issue. It is very annoying…

I am also experiencing this. Very distruptive!

This issue has now been resolved by Docker Hub, please feel free to retry your builds, they should now go through ok (assuming no coding issues of course).