[SOLVED] Reach debian + apache server on Windows docker

Hello, I’m trying to access to a Debian and apache container, the address is 172.17.0.X.
With docker on linux I can access to the apache page with my browser but not on Windows using 172.17…
I understood that linux containers run on a hyper-V VM, and its address seems to be, the host address is
How can I configure the network ? Must I configure my container with a adress 10.0.75.X ?

Solved adding a simple route to reach the linux containers sub-network through the Hyper-V machine used to host the linux containers :

route add mask

know I can’t reach the appache page with 172.17.0…

If you’re using Docker for Windows, use localhost: https://docs.docker.com/docker-for-windows/#/step-4-explore-the-application-and-run-examples