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Some of inter layer is just reflect preparing while pushing an image to azure container registry, is this a issue?

7bdf0c12702c: Preparing
11f11b6dd0be: Preparing
70a7db8124f9: Preparing
a4a58e5f07fb: Pushing [=====> ] 274.3MB/2.581GB
832b8cf6b01b: Pushed
0390f00c4d6e: Pushed
250371eb5fa7: Pushed
1074d504ade3: Pushed
5c8f5129cee9: Pushed
55c0162eac2c: Pushed
68080dcea8cc: Pushed
e900d22b9fcb: Pushed
327f54c55ae8: Pushed
ffc33444cd94: Pushed
000d9e770f75: Pushed
1340c0a02ac0: Pushed
ae444ac7eccd: Pushed
e76e57139ae0: Pushed
d6cc16601672: Pushed
abdb6b0d2b49: Pushed
c3f13ab70cd0: Pushed
7f3e652c69d3: Pushed
f1969354db7d: Pushed
4d3e8f68497d: Pushed
9b0010aa3540: Pushed
5f0f12038a2e: Pushed
6bdb565da20e: Pushed
2f1443666d20: Pushed
9c516c02da46: Pushed
de52ac56b8c3: Pushed
4f58a5f4e6d7: Pushed
7748e0bbdeee: Pushed
70681a36a65e: Pushed
acc341d998e9: Pushed
97ecf0cee426: Pushed
06f46feb2765: Pushed
4dcee17e7fd1: Pushed
f735b63a25f8: Pushed
67cf2df02cf4: Pushed
f03a5457fb66: Pushed
81a0e0eaddea: Pushed
3e7452bd5a66: Pushed
1a7cc4cc139c: Pushed
99f7123b787c: Pushed
dd6cb05ac6a5: Pushed
237472299760: Pushed