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Spam from docker cloud

(Paulskinnerac) #1

Is there any way to limit the emails sent out by docker cloud. For example if my colleagues setup a build that I just don’t care about, I still get emails when they put a typo in their Dockerfile. Also, I really don’t need an email when my colleague restarts the staging environment (production yes, staging noo)

Can I limit my emails to only certain builds and specific stacks?

(Kickingthetv) #2

Hi paulskinnerac,

Thanks for the feedback! We currently don’t have finer grain controls over notifications, however this is something we hope to prioritize early next year.

A possible workaround is to link your Slack team/channel, and then go to your Slack preferences and have it alert you whenever a certain phrase is mentioned, which you can then set to the specific repos and stack names you wish to monitor.

(Paulskinnerac) #3

@kickingthetv I guess it’s a good problem to have. My team use docker cloud in production and that has led to a 2nd team here trialling it!