Spring Boot Microservice stops responding in Swarm after 15-45 minutes

Hi everyone,

My Problem:

After 15-45 minutes, the micro services on the Swarm Cluster stop responding to REST web service requests.

My environment:

3 node Swarm Cluster on 3 EC2 servers

On each EC2 server
Centos 7.1 OS
Docker 17.10
On the Swarm Cluster
Overlay Network
Deployed 14 Spring Boot micro services across the cluster
Eureka micro service used for micro service discovery
Zuul micro service used for proxy
Communication between micro services via Eureka and ActiveMQ
Communication manually to each micro service via “curl” commands.
Micro services deployed with “docker service create …” commands

Testing done
Tested this by going into a container on the overlay network.
Can ping the micro services.
Tried to use “curl” requests to micro services and they just hang. Looked at the logs and no errors are indicated.

Anyone have any ideas on what is causing this?

Thanks for your time.

Hi bmullinix, are you monitoring the JVM memory? Usually when this happens is because the JVM reach a OutOfMemoryError