SQL Query from Docker service App

I am migrated my service app to spring boot docker apps . So as part of this we have noticed that the performance hit was massive . The database query execution times increased a lot . The sql server is hosted on linux machine . Earlier the same was working fast . Any ideas what could be possible issues or configuration changes ?

I think it depends on many things. Your network, the configuration of the client and/or the server running inside a container, your host machine (is it Docker desktop, WSL2, Linux on a physical machine). The configuration depends on the database server (MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL, etc…?). It also depends on the query. Does it require a lot of memory or cpu on the server side or on the client side? If it is, do you have any resource limit? It culd be container limit, or memory limit of the JVM or the database server.

Can you provide more details?

There are no resource limits added for deployment of the service app . It has 4 cpus allocated . Takes around 750M memory out 1024M allocated for the container . The container image is based on alpine . The docker host is also Linux on physical machine
Database : Oracle
Haven’t added any JVM or database server limits

As in run as native spring boot application on the same host? Or was it already containerized when it was working fast and suddenly stopped beeing fast?

Note: make sure your jvm has the cgroup limit parameters set when starting the process in the container. Though, I personaly prefer to use the spring boots buildpack maven plugin and use it to generate the images for me - those images do NOT use the cgroup limit parameters, but do an equivalent calculation of heap, directmemory and so on that work well.