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Ssh into an AWS instance created from Docker Cloud

(Corvesta) #1

I noticed that when an AWS instance is created through Docker Cloud, it generates a key pair but I don’t have the pem file of that key pair to use to ssh to the instance if I need to look around.

Normally when creating an AWS instance, I manually create a key pair, which allows me to download the
pem file, during the instance creation it asks me what key pair pem file to use.

I have not found a place where Docker Cloud that asks for a key pair, it just creates it’s own. How would you normally ssh into an instance created through Docker Cloud?

(Fernando Mayo) #2

You can follow the instructions in which will work for AWS or any other node you manage through Docker Cloud

(Daniel Pinto) #3

I keep trying to run dockercloud/authorizedkeys but it terminates right after starting. When I check the container logs all I see is: authorizedkeys-1 | 2016-03-04T12:56:32.711800107Z => Found authorized keys

Another thing: while I’m creating my stack, the tutorial tells me to paste the public key to the environment variable, but it seems like the stack creator does not support multiline parameters. I had to edit the container configuration and then set it with a proper value.

(Itaylorweb) #4

Im getting the same. When I try to SSH into my docker cloud deployed node I’m prompted for the root password which I don’t know?