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SSH (password less authentication) to server/machine from docker container?


(Pushpabuzz) #1

Please find the steps I have tried for this task ( by the way - I am new to this concept) :

installed Docker in Ubuntu

docker pull ubuntu image

Used docker run -it to create a container

Checked the server response ( ping -c 4 ) and working fine.

Now I need help/idea to created a password less authentication btw server and container.

Container - root permissions

Server - username : rajrcz , server :

I found the below link from docker forums but not helpful.

could you please help me here if you are aware of this task? or done before

(Sam) #2

that seems pretty scary to allow a container unaudited access to the docker host.

you did not include the the link u referenced.

researching (google search) how to do unprompted ssh access might give you a solution.

I know i helped a company accomplish this a couple years ago by writing some ssh scripts.

the problem has nothing to do with docker.

(Pushpabuzz) #3

So you mean. There is no way to get established SSH connections between docker containers and local server?

(Sam) #4

not what I said, you asked for passwordless