Ssh terminal sessions get disconnect

I have a ubunti 22 LTS , the only package installed on top is docker

in docker I have 1 (local) environment with 4 containers.

Now, when managing the ubuntu server over an ssh terminal, the terminal gets disconnected all the time. In Putty I get :

Network error: Software caused connection abort

Strange thing is: when I just leave the terminal open, and having the server /docker run (but not logging into anything), then all is ok
From to moment I log into eg portainer GUI running in a docker then disconnects start
And it gets worse/worse (shorter time) … till I even can’t connect to open a new session :

Network error: connection refused

Untill for no clear reason, I can log back in.

I tried 2 terminal apps: same thing

looking /var:log/auth.log doesn’t give me a clue

who or which logs can direct me to the cause?


Forget I asked … so stupid but I found it by coincidence : 2 devices have the same static IP