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Stack file updates via docker-cloud CLI regularly fail with 504

(Andrelackmann) #1

Our deploy process updates the stack file on each push - using a template and variables from Bamboo. This all works great generally, but lately we’ve started to see regular failures. These are normally HTTP 504 responses, such as:

11-Sep-2016 23:22:50	Docker Cloud CLI version
11-Sep-2016 23:22:50	docker-cloud 1.0.7
11-Sep-2016 23:22:50	Creating the updated stackfile
11-Sep-2016 23:22:50	Updating Stackfile on Docker Cloud
11-Sep-2016 23:23:53	Status 504 (PATCH Response: 
11-Sep-2016 23:23:53	docker-cloud stack update failed

The same update in the Docker Cloud web interface actually succeeds, so it seems like there is a timeout value via the API that is dropping the connection before the action can succeed?

The docker-cloud command is being run by an Atlassian Bamboo deploy script - which works intermittently (now less than it used to strangely).