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Stackfile Editor broken

(Antony Jones) #1

I’ve copied and pasted a stackfile from another stack, and edited a few values.

It is valid YAML.

The stackfile ‘Create’ and ‘Create and Deploy’ buttons are greyed out, and there are no errors, warnings, of any sort anywhere on my screen.

I’ve fiddled and fiddled with this stackfile which is essentially a carbon copy of another one, to no avail.

What is this magic validation which enables those buttons, and why is it hidden from me, as a user?

This makes Docker Cloud essentially impossible to use.

(Antony Jones) #2

and now, an hour later. I find it. I’m missing a stack name.

Why isn’t the validation just a little more obvious than a feint grey line at the top of the stackfile? :slight_smile:

(Tuityrelease) #3

I agree having some basic feedback would be great e.g. line number of error, what the error is.

I’m also having problems saving edits to stacks; I get the spinning circle…

(Tuityrelease) #4

still can’t edit and update my stack…any feedback from Docker staff?

(Mehdig) #5

Please contact and file a support ticket. The content of the stack file is actually important.
Here is the online reference to stack files: