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Support for DTR

(Ricardo Quintana) #1


I wanted to make an observation about the status of the DTR project. I believe it is not ready for commercial use. It definitely lacks a lot of features and what is worse, posts here are not answered on a timely manner. My question is, should we go for the open source version and disregard this until it is complete? Should we stick to posting questions to the github repo?

(Andy Rothfusz) #2

Hi Ricardo,

Sorry it has taken a while to answer your other post. We do try to answer questions here as quickly as we can. The launch of the new Hub has taken precedence over DTR trial support though.

If you’re finding that the feature set in the current DTR doesn’t suit you then the open source version is a viable alternative. You might want to check with DTR as we release newer versions with more features in the future.