Support tap interface for direct container access (incl. multi-host)

Time to make some waves, this issue has been going on for too long and enough is enough

Yes, that makes perfect sense now! Thank you so much for taking the time to explain. I’ll check out your project and will let you know! Thanks!

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Happy you got it working for your usecase! It seems to offer more familar ground to those already having experience of working with Docker for Windows as well as added extensibility regarding multiple docker networks.

As a Linux user (without regular access to a Mac) trying to better support co-workers in a local environment with a single docker network, the aims of my shim were very tightly scoped: achieve the minimum amount of difference between the experience on Linux and that on OSX and support at least one docker network to which the host was automatically a member. To that end your solution probably isn’t ideal for me and the extra steps around creating a priviledged container and having to manually configure routes make me shy away from it.

That said I know there’s a definite hunger in the community for multiple network support and I’m glad you’ve (if you’ll excuse the pun) bridged the gap :smiley: and indeed that you’re willing to champion this issue as the sooner our hacks are no longer required and this functionality has proper baked in the support the better for everyone!


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Guys, I managed to route traffic to containers and from containers using a dns solution for Docker for linux and for mac. I tried tap solution but didn’t worked.

There are some issues, like cannot mantain a opened connection to container for a long time, but you can access services inside the container without publishing any port.

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@zanaca Looks interesting, will take a deeper look once I get the chance.

In regards to your issues with the TAP solution, could you clarify what problems you had?
This way we can help others who may stumble upon this thread.

after searching some hundreds of web pages
finnally found this working (with minor adjustments/typos)
Thanks! It’s Gr8!

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I detailed a workaround for K3s with TunTap and MetalLB but it feels kludgy for sure. Dropping a link here in case it proves valuable for anyone who doesn’t want to run Kubernetes in a *nix VM on Mac.