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Swarm Mode Release

(Mahesh33) #1

We are active users of docker cloud and I am listening mixed talk on termination of docker cloud.

Is there any latest release or ETA on swarm ?

(Valkyriestudios) #2

A new article has been published ( after 16 months ) stating that security scanning will be removed on the 31st of march. This might be a hunch of mine, but I think they’ll do a new release the end of March :slight_smile:. Glad to see at least some progress ^_^. Let’s see if this is true or not.

(Markku Virtanen) #3

I see also signals that docker cloud is going down at some time in the future. One of the signs IMO is dockercloud haproxy going in to maintenance mode. Its a shame really. We started to use docker cloud when it was Tutum. After Docker acquired it, its been downhill since then and they clearly did not give enough resources to the dcloud team. Also docker’s helpdesk has been very poor (still waiting a response to my ticket from one year ago :grinning: ).

(Valkyriestudios) #4

Docker Helpdesk is poor ? I called them up and told them it was a priority ticket, they called me back the same day and immediately fixed it :’)

(Markku Virtanen) #5

Oh I probably forgot to add URGENT or HIGH PRIORITY to the ticket. My bad :grimacing: