Synology + wine + cc proxy help

Wow Linux & command line are so confusing when you are used to plain old windows.

I’m looking for help or even a guide to install wine within docker on the host network so I can permanently run one program called cc proxy.

I’m running a synology DS1815 with only a coulple of small images/containers running that suit my needs, I also have very little docker/Linux knowledge so I would be very greatful for some help as I keep doing something wrong.


Update: ok so this is how far i can get, but i cannot access noVNC viewer to see the notepad app & then if i did im lost on how to install my desired program CC Proxy

there has to be someone round here wiling to help :frowning:

so i got wine running, with wine explorer showing via noVNC.

my question now is how to download or mount an app install from my network or http