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Systemcalls full of weave dockercloud-net futex (ETIMEDOUT)


(Zillioonlab) #1

Hi all,
I’m using Sysdig to monitor what’s happening on my hosts and I find out that there are a very big number of Systemcalls in Errors (ETIMEDOUT).
Just to give an idea, on one host I have 106490 traced errors during an interval of only 15 seconds and these errors are thrown by the container weave-20259.e1801aac runned by the command /dockercloud-network-daemon.

I suppose it’s not normal.
here’s one of the records:
193 10:22:19.507324300 2 weave-20259.e1801aac (0e26aabdfc18) dockercloud-net (6927:1917) < futex res=-110(ETIMEDOUT)

Can you help me to troubleshooting the problem?