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The container exited with status code (1)

I encountered an issue when running the docker container.
An error log was generated as below:

[Error] mysqld : unknown variable “wait_timeout = 288000”.

I wanted to test some docker container features.
So, I opened the docker bash and entered the directory /etc/mysql/my.cnf.
And I added the variable “wait_timeout = 288000” below [mysqld] option.

However, after rebooting, when I ran the container, it exited immediately with status code (1).
I knew that the error was caused by the variable I just added.
So, I wanted to delete the variable, but now the docker container bash won’t open.
Is there any way that I can delete the variable “wait_timeout” in this case?
If there isn’t, could you recommend other methods for troubleshooting?
Thanks for checking the issue.