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Thin pool free data blocks issue while building docker imager


(bk) #1

devmapper: Thin Pool has 1064 free data blocks which is less than minimum required 1340 free data blocks. Create more free space in thin pool or use dm.min_free_space option to change behavior

I get the above when I build the docker image . Can someone tell me what does this mean and what need to be done.

(Think) #2

try a docker system prune -af to delete everything unneeded in your docker.

but also look for not using device mapper. it is anyway not recommended for production.

(Japearson) #3

Thought I should correct the comment about devicemapper here. It’s misleading to say you shouldn’t run devicemapper in production. As it depends on your Linux distribution. What isn’t recommended is devicemapper on loopback but devicemapper on lvm is fine and is pretty much your only option for production on CentOS 7. See this page: