TLS enable or disable base on SSL flag true or false in already build docker image

Hi I am new in docker community and trying to learn docker and k8s.

I already create dockerfile and which gives me a base image where my Database is default with disable for TLS functionality.

My dockerfile contains ENTRYPOINT XX_DB/XX_DB --driver=@DRIVER@ --url="@URL@" --changeLogFile=/xx_DB/change-log/application-log.xml --username=$DB_USER --password=$DB_PASSWORD --logLevel=info update.

@driver @URL is setting up at time building a Base Image and rest are ENV variable in docker file.

Expectation - if i want to make SSL enable for DB then i need to pass 4 variable after the URL, but I don’t want to rebuild image again if we mark SSL= ON.

Can any one guide how we can enable SSL base on runtime call to include SSL configuration or go with default one.

Note : - i already have external DB with a required SSL configuration and able to connect from the network by providing correct client certificate details.