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Too many DTRs in UCP

(Jacekdomanskigsk) #1

Here’s what I did.
Installed UCP and DTR both on 3 nodes each for HA.
All was working fine.
Then I decided to “clean things up a bit” in (internal) DNS so registered user friendly aliases in DNS so the users would access UCP (or DTR) through something like “” rather than “”.
All still fine.
Decided to update the “Load Balancer/Public Address” setting in DTR (Settings -> General -> Domain & proxies) but instead of DTR’s DNS friendly name I added the one that belongs to UCP. Then replaced it with DTR’s URL (the correct one).
Unfortunately when I check in UCP (Admin Settings -> Docker Trusted Registry) Installed DTRs lists:

  1. The old user-unfriendly DNS name
  2. UCP DNS name (entered accidently)
  3. DTR user-friendly name
    I’d like to get rid of #1 and #2.
    Any idea how?

(Mattatttu) #2

Did you ever figure out how to do this?

(Trapier) #3

(Jacekdomanskigsk) #4

It worked!
Thank you.

I used on my UCP 2.2.3 and things got sorted out smoothly.

(Philev) #5

Not able to remove DTR entry from the WEB UI with EE 3.1 (dtr 2.6.0)