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Total noob need your help


I am an admin of teamspeak server hosted on Centos 7 VPS. My ex-friend who was docker expert advertised me docker as perfect thing and he installed docker on my VPS and he moved teamspeak server into it. Thing is we are not friends anymore (no matter how it sounds :stuck_out_tongue: ) i have no idea how to manage docker, so i decided to copy teamspeak files from docker and rehost it normally on vps without docker, thing is i cant find ts3server file, i have used “find / -name ts3server” and i have a lot locations. When i used WinSCP this is my result: - thing is all this files are last time modifed almost half year ago, which means its not actual database becouse i have created new channels on teamspeak server couple days ago.

I have also tried to do “docker cp …” and files i copied from docker called teamspeak are also last time modified half year ago. So my question is where can i find ts3server file with actual modify date?

Sorry for this bad English :P.

Sorry about you and your friend… Anyway, you could just ask him what to do, it’d be quicker… However, that’s your decision and I respect that :slight_smile:
As for the issue, try to have a look at this thread:

hey zygiel
dont know if you still are looking for a solution for this but here are some helpful information:
if your friend used the official teamspeak docker image then the files of the server can be found at /var/ts3server/
the inifiles are located under: /run/ts3server/
And the executables are: /opt/ts3server/

i dont know why they spread everything all over the place.