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Track down how to run parallel builds using BuildKit

Good morning, I just started using the new BuildKit to improve our build times by parallelising tasks. After some initial good progress, I’m facing an issue which I can’t explain. I simplified my Dockerfile a lot (see below), but I still don’t get it. I expected to see concurrent builds for all four images. However, it starts with one and four and once those are completed, it will do all the remaining once in parallel (regardless how many there are in between). It seems like the order in the final image instructions are causing this order. Whatever comes last gets builds along with the first image, but why?

# Image one
FROM alpine as one
RUN mkdir -p /opt/one/
RUN sleep 5

# Image two
FROM alpine as two
RUN mkdir -p /opt/two/
RUN sleep 5

# Image three
FROM alpine as three
RUN mkdir -p /opt/three/
RUN sleep 5

# Image four
FROM alpine as four
RUN mkdir -p /opt/four/
RUN sleep 5

# Image Final
FROM alpine:latest
COPY --from=one /opt/one /opt/one
COPY --from=two /opt/two /opt/two
COPY --from=three /opt/three /opt/three
COPY --from=four /opt/four /opt/four

Turns out this was a bug