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Traffic forwarding between containers

(Puganator) #1

Hello everyone.
I am building a dev\test environment based on docker using exisiting codebase and i faced a problem.
I have two services in compose file:

version: "3.3"
       image: fo
       image: fo
       depends_on: manager

Manager service starts hazelcast server on container’s
Gate service starts hazelcast client listening on container’s
So, it would be great to have a possibility for forwarding gate requests to manager withing compose file for testing puprose withount any code changing. As i understand, docker manages it’s own network configuration with a help of OS built-in tools and for me it is obvious to have such a possibility of forwarding. But i couldn’t find any out-of-box solutions.
May anybody help me with this problem? May be someone knows alternative solution and how to do this inside compose configuration?