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Trying to run application on windows ucp-agent


I am trying to run an application on a windows ucp-agent (worker node).
I have installed UCP on a debian server, following the documentation.
Then I have added a windows agent (Windows 2016 server) as a worker, by executing the command line docker swarm join…
The node appears in the nodes page, but it’s status remains down , with the message : [Pending] The ucp-agent task is scheduler confirmed task can run on preassigned node

Did I miss something?

Hi @albank, sorry for the late reply. We don’t yet support UCP running on Windows as a generally available feature. That is something we are working on this year however.

Hi @vsaraswat . Nothing like replying three (3) years later, but what is the status of running UCP on Windows Server 2019 (Docker Enterprise)? Has there been any developments on this?

If not, what do you see as options in Windows Server 2019 for running a kubernetes-like ingress in Swarm mode that has layer-7 routing/SSL termination capabilities? Here in the year 2020 in my searches I cannot find anything easy/out-of-the-box options.