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UCP 0.8 Volumes Create form doesnt translate volume options for volume drivers

(Ryan Wallner) #1

Basically, I have ucp .8 installed as well as flocker driver and i can create volumes with the `docker volume create -o option=one’ but it does not work when adding the options to the list in the UI to create a volume.

(Ryan Wallner) #2

(Vivek Saraswat) #3

Hi Ryan, we are looking into this one through the support request.

(Ryan Wallner) #4

Thank Vivek! Appreciate it.


(E4jet) #5

I’ve hit this in 1.0 as well. The link (above) to the support case in protected. Did the fix for this make it into 1.01?

(E4jet) #6

Whoops, posted to soon. Looks like its fixed in 1.01:
“Volume driver options are now being correctly sent to Docker Engine”