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UCP 1.0 has now been released!

(Vivek Saraswat) #1

We are incredibly excited to announce the release of Universal Control Plane 1.0! This is a part of the wider Docker Datacenter solution which was also announced today, which includes UCP, Trusted Registry, and Commercially Supported Docker Engine.

We’ve had a lot of enhancements in UCP 1.0 from the beta, which you can find in the updated release notes here:

We’ve also created an entirely new set of documentation for the 1.0 release, including instructions for a local VM-based evaluation install, full production install, reference documentation for the UCP tool, user management and access control, troubleshooting and more. You can find the new docs here:

If you are new to Universal Control Plane, welcome! You can sign up for a trial at:

If you participated in the UCP Beta, thank you very much for testing and feedback during the process! We incorporated as much as we could within the 1.0 release and will continue to add more in the future. You should have received instructions in an email sent to your Hub account, but here are some tips for transitioning from UCP Beta to 1.0 release.

  • Uninstall UCP Beta from all nodes. It is not possible to upgrade to 1.0 from beta versions (0.9 and below). You must use the latest UCP 1.0.0 image for the uninstall command:

“docker run --rm -it --name ucp -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock docker/ucp:1.0.0 uninstall -i”

Thanks again for being a part of the Docker community, and we are looking forward to working with you to continue building better products.

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