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UCP 1.1 now available!

(Vivek Saraswat) #1

We are excited to announce the first major update to Universal Control Plane, v1.1! Please refer to the installation documentation to either install a new UCP deployment or upgrade your current deployment.

Check out the latest Docker Datacenter blog post for a highlight of the new features in both UCP and DTR. More detailed info on the UCP release is available in the updated release notes.

Some of the new features in UCP version 1.1:

  • Deploy Compose applications directly from the UI
  • UI setting to prevent users from scheduling containers on UCP controllers
  • UI Helper for easily adding more nodes to UCP
  • CAs now replicated across all UCP controllers (requires uploading of root key material)
  • Shared authentication between UCP and DTR
  • Several new UCP CLI tool commands (backup, restore, regen-certs, id, restart, stop)
  • Automated multi-host networking configuration (when using CS Engine 1.11)
  • Several bug fixes and minor updates

Please update to the newest version of Universal Control Plane, and we welcome any feedback here on the forums or via your Docker field rep.

(Vivek Saraswat) #2

Just to note, there are a couple of known issues with the release. These issues are being worked on by the development team but worth taking note of. We appreciate any other feedback as you evaluate the new version.

  • After upgrading to version 1.1.0, if you join new controller nodes to the cluster, a success message is displayed, but that node will not be part of the cluster. As a workaround, join new controller nodes before upgrading, or perform a fresh installation of UCP 1.1.0.
  • When joining replicas to the cluster, you may be prompted to restart the Docker daemon on that node. For a faster installation, only restart the Docker daemon after joining all replicas.
  • When deploying applications from the UI, using the host network option might cause errors. If this happens, deploy the application from the CLI.