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UCP backup aborted due to ucp-kv-backup volume


(Sivam123) #1

I am getting an error when I tried taking UCP backup.

docker container run --log-driver none --rm -i --name ucp
-v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock
docker/ucp:2.2.7 backup --interactive > /tmp/backup.tar


FATA[0001] a ucp-kv-backup volume is already present in this host. Backup operation aborted

Any help??

(Dipinthomas2003) #2

Hi Sivam,

Reply might be late but it would be useful for someone else.


docker system prune --volumes

As per this document we don’t have any container name ucp-kv-volume.

I think it must be a bug or something. I got this error only after trying backup multiple times and clearing UCP node.