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UCP Client Bundle error x509: certificate issue

I am using Docker EE v3.2.4. I wanted to try out UCP client bundle so I logged in as admin and then downloaded the client bundle by going to Client Bundles > New Client Bundle > Generate Client Bundle

On my Windows 10 laptop, i unzipped the folder (ucp-bundle-admin) and then from command prompt, ran env.cmd:

Cluster "ucp_34.212.196.152:6443_admin" set.
User "ucp_34.212.196.152:6443_admin" set.
Context "ucp_34.212.196.152:6443_admin" created.

I then checked the env variables which are:

c:\docker_trial\ucp-bundle-admin>set | findstr /I docker

Now when i try running docker info, i get the following error:

c:\docker_trial\ucp-bundle-admin>docker info
 Debug Mode: false

ERROR: error during connect: Get x509: certificate is valid for,,, not
errors pretty printing info

I have been struggling with this since yesterday evening and couldn’t get it working. Any help will really be appreciated.

I got this working by adding the given IP as SAN in UCP UI as shown below:

@ ibains007 helped me with it.