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UCP Linux Kernel Compatibility

(Vivek Saraswat) #1

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to send a quick reminder about Linux kernel compatibility for UCP Beta. As of the most recent version (UCP 0.7.1), UCP is compatible with Linux kernel version 3.10 and above.

Previous versions of UCP required the --old-kernel flag to work below kernel 3.16 and did not enable the multi-host networking capability. However that is no longer the case with the current version. This flag has been removed, and kernels 3.10 and greater should now function with multi-host networking.

(Ken42) #2

Not strictly related to UCP, but: Does this mean multi-host networking in general works with the older 3.10 kernel now?

Every other source I’ve seen says 3.16 is required for multi-host networking. This post is the only source I’ve found that says multi-host networking works okay with 3.10.


(Vivek Saraswat) #3

Hi Ken,

Check out the networking section of the Docker 1.10 launch blog post:

“Multi-host networking on all supported Engine kernel versions: The multi-host overlay driver now works on older kernel versions (3.10 and greater).”

(Ken42) #4

Outstanding, thank you. I missed that part of the announcement.