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UCP on windows server 2016

Impressed by Docker on windows and really want to use UCP for windows containers.
Could you explain how it will work with windows nodes in cluster?
May be I should use native windows clusterization features?
Will be there an option to control my repository, images, containers by UCP based on windows server 2016?

Hi leonidlapshin,

Right now the Window Server 2016 tech preview isn’t compatible with UCP (the bootstrapper won’t install on a Windows node). However, we definitely see the value and are looking at Windows container support for after our initial UCP release. That said, we appreciate any feedback you have on Windows-related features you are looking for.

Running Windows nodes within the UCP cluster makes sense, as does potential scheduling and control options between Windows vs. non-Windows nodes. However, what exactly do you mean by “native windows clusterization features?” I just want to make sure I understand the feature and use case.

There is a feature in windows server, it called “failover clustering”. There are some special “roles” of this feature for example Virtual Machine, it takes the virtual machine from the node of cluster and managment is owned by cluster, not the node. If the node became dead this feature automaticaly move the virtual machine to another node of cluster with native windows feature. There are also several other “roles” so I thought that you may be will use some kind of “container” clusterization feature that is not availible now for container clusterization.

Yes, Container failover is currently being explore in Swarm 1.10 in experimental mode ( As we continue to expand Windows functionality you can likely expect to see these features compatible with Windows in the future as well.

Thanks for your response, Vivek!

Windows Failover Clustering is one of many ways on Windows to provide high-availability. In general, you would only use it for applications that don’t provide their own high-availability solution. I only recommend Failover Clustering to be used in cases where you can only run one instance of your app (typically a legacy app), and you run it inside a Hyper-V VM and then Hyper-V Clustering can failover that VM to a new physical host. It’s still running the same VM and app instance, by using shared iSCSI/SAN/SMB storage to hold the VM image.

I’ve never seen that setup in a Docker setup because in a container world, you’re usually moving toward a model where you obtain high-availability by running many containers from the same app image, and your data stores are replicated/mirrored across containers as well. “container failover” for Swarm really means “start a new container from the same image as the container that failed”, which is nothing like what happens in Windows Failover Clustering.

My advice, avoid Windows Failover Clustering in your Docker/Swarm rollout. Combining it with Docker is an anti-patern.

Hi Vivek,

Do you know anything about a support of Windows nodes? We are migrating now hundreds of Windows instances and would like to add Windows Docker hosts to the common UCP panel.

Btw, may be you can recommend what we can use for managing Windows Docker hosts if an official support of Windows nodes is not in the closest plans?

Currently as windows 2016 had been GA available now. Do we have any progress for UCP ?

Hi All,

UCP does not yet support Windows based nodes (in addition, open-source swarm-mode does not yet support Windows based nodes). These are in development and on the roadmap for 2017.

did anything change in beta one still cant run ucp in docker for windows but only in vagrant ubuntu

No change in the beta. Look out for more details in the coming months!

Any more news on this? We looking to roll out docker on our server 2016 platform and this would be very useful to us.

Also am i correct in assuming that once support for windows 2016 containers is included the licensing of this is included in docker Enterprise which is included in server 2016 licensing.

Any news on installing UCP or DTR on windows nodes yet?

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Yes, I have also read the same that Docker EE basic cost is already included in Windows Server Licensing cost.
Ref :-
But, I am having a doubt that How would one register for getting the license and how to start for UCP.