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Ucp service deploy

(Saheba02) #1

we have 3 ucp manager nodes, 3 dtr nodes and 1 worker node. all are centos and docker ee installed. We have check box off for admin deploy container on ucp manager & dtr node and same for user. so only node where container can be deploy is one worker node which is not part of ucp and dtr.
when I deploy service for testing, for ex. nginx and expose port 8080:80 and deploy it on worker node which is perfect, but I cant connect with its end point. endpoint showing me http://ucpnode:8080 but it comes with connection refused. I don’t see dockerd started with listening on port 8080 on all of 3 ucp manager nodes.
where could be missing piece ?

can you help please ?

(Joao Fernandes) #2

I’ve seen cases (specially on AWS) where security policies or firewalls are in place and prevent you to connect to http://ucpnode:8080.
That might be what’s going on with your deployment.

(Saheba02) #3

Hello sir
thank you for your reply. but in my case, all nodes are having firewall disable.
so when I deploy service, service external port is not showing up on UCP manager nodes.
if I deploy service on UCP manager and UCP DTR nodes, then I can see external port is listening on all 3 UCP manager nodes. so somewhere I am not able to understand why this happening. is there any rule/logic behind service deploy on UCP manager nodes against UCP worker node ?