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UCP UI customizing

(David A. Lareo) #1

Is it possible to customize UCP UI or… will it be possible when the product is available as a commercial product?
I am developing a CaaS platform oriented to education institutions and until now Rancher seems the right candidate as long as UCP does not allow to add nodes through the UI and other greate features of Rancher (as a possibility to create a “deploy to rancher button” from github repos).
Accessing UCP UI source code to hack it … would be great!!

(Vivek Saraswat) #2

Hi David,

We are definitely looking into the ability to add nodes through the UI and other UI oriented ease-of-use features. However, we aren’t expecting to provide the UCP source-code at this point (though we may extend plug-in functionality for the UI in the future). Let us know if there are other features you are looking for.