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UCP upgrade ended up with error but clusters are healthy


(Mohamed1990) #1

Hello Guys,

As part of DTR upgrade to 2.2.11, I am upgrading UCP from 2.0.4 to 2.1.8. When I finish my upgrade of UCP it ended with below error, But when I check the cluster health status in UCP UI, all are healthy. I can also upgrade fine with next version upgrade.

FATA[0227] Not all nodes came up in time: node reports: Container / is still using image docker/ucp-agent@sha256:b7f5212bc9f7e13b7ceed4d8deec245ad18fbf4313708aa63d81224f187bdbdd

FYI worker node name:

This is pre test before upgrading my actual upgrade, my doubt is , can I safely ignore this and proceed with upgrade?

NOTE: Also as per this link my nodes are not in pause state, all are in healthy and my clusters are also looks healthy.