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Unable to access example Voting app url's from browser


(Imran678) #1


Deployed example voting app (docker-stack.yml) from UCP UI and i am unable to access the any url (visualizer, Vote and result) from browser. It is not connecting. I am using docker EE 17.03 version. I haven’t changed the voting app. taken the app from here.

In Previous versions of docker ee It worked fine. Thanks.

(Nicolas Bihan) #2

Note that in this docker-stack.yml file the ports are hard coded.
Are you sure they started correctly?
Any logs?

(Imran678) #3

In docker - 17.03.1-ee they are opening correctly. but in 17.03.02-ee-5 version the ports are not opening automatically. What will be the reason. ? in 17.06 also they are not opening automatically. I am using Azure cloud.