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Unable to add UCP node as a replica: etcd misconfigured

(Adyanthaya17) #1


Why is there a fluctuation when it comes to replicating the UCP nodes to the main UCP node? These are the logs below.

DEBU[0038] Starting swarm join
INFO[0038] Starting Orca Controller replica containers
DEBU[0038] Starting KV container
DEBU[0038] Attemping to join etcd to an existing cluster at etcd://10.x.x.x:12379
DEBU[0038] Adding new member https://10.x.x.y:12380 to KV store https://10.x.x.x:12379
DEBU[0038] Secondary KV started at etcd://10.x.x.y:12379
DEBU[0038] Starting swarm manager
DEBU[0039] Swarm manager started on 10.x.x.y:2376
DEBU[0039] Checking for liveness of https://10.x.x.y:2376
DEBU[0039] Connected to https://10.x.x.y:2376 f5454d956570
DEBU[0039] Trusting certs with subjects: [010UUCP Cluster Root CA]
FATA[0046] client: etcd cluster is unavailable or misconfigured

root@ucp3:/home/oss# docker ps -a
f5454d956570 docker/ucp-swarm:1.0.4 “/swarm manage --tlsv” 55 seconds ago Up 54 seconds>2375/tcp ucp-swarm-manager
57f1581f1abe docker/ucp-etcd:1.0.4 “/bin/etcd --data-dir” 55 seconds ago Up 54 seconds 2380/tcp, 4001/tcp, 7001/tcp,>12380/tcp,>2379/tcp ucp-kv
258c4dc6e2c7 docker/ucp-swarm:1.0.4 “/swarm join --discov” 55 seconds ago Up 55 seconds 2375/tcp ucp-swarm-join
c5a1eb933944 docker/ucp-proxy:1.0.4 “/bin/run” 56 seconds ago Up 56 seconds>2376/tcp ucp-proxy

Thank you.

(Vivek Saraswat) #2

Hi adyanthaya17,

What hosts are you running on? (VMs or physical? OS?). Also are you running behind a firewall/blocking certain ports?

(Adyanthaya17) #3


I’m able to create the replications, i hadn’t enabled the virtualization iin the machine.

Thank you.