Unable to Connect to API from AEM instance in Docker

I am running Docker on Windows 10 64 bit and has an instance of AEM running in it. I have web pages hosted in local Apache, which talks to the application hosted in AEM that in turn makes an API call to other enterprise services.

I am able to hit the API directly from my desktop and able to curl it from within Docker bash. But when the application in AEM makes a call to the same API from Docker, request is failing (InaccessibleWSDLExce
ption - service call is failing as they are not authorized.

Please give us more information about how you start the Portainer container. And read the report a bug guidelines when opening an issue, we need more details.@Tekslate

I am using the following command to build the container -

docker run --name MYAEM -p 4503:4503 -d aem_master_5-6_publish ; docker logs MYAEM -f

For subsequent starts I am using

docker run MYAEM ; docker logs MYAEM -f

There are no specific steps to reproduce the issue, but this is what happens -

I have installed an App in the AEM instance
This app connects to some enterprise services
I have a web application running on Apache on host machine
Web application talks to the App in AEM which in turn gets data from services - which is not working
I can curl the same API which fails from the app in AEM directly from bash inside docker, calls from the app is failing with an error ‘Could not resolve host: enterprise-url.com

The same configuration on a Mac works fine.

Docker: 17.06.1-ce-win24(13025)
Windows 10 64 bit

I have ran command Docker CLI on local machine and also I have opened on port 2375 and 9000 globally on remote host machine in security groups. below is the details,

docker -H remote.host:2375 info
Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is the docker daemon running on this host?

telnet remote.host 2375
Trying remote.host…
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

remote host:

netstat -nap | grep :2375

netstat -nap | grep :9000
tcp6 0 0 :::9000 :::* LISTEN 6846/docker-proxy