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Unable to connect to BYOS from Mac client - Incorrect authentication credentials


(Daan Kets) #1

I have added my own (ubuntu based, dedicated machine with public IPs in a datacenter) Docker Swarm to docker cloud, and given me and some colleagues permissions to the swarm. In the docker cloud web UI as wel as in Docker for Mac, I can see the swarm with ‘green’ status. However, I am unable to connect to it from any of my macs. Same for my colleague.

We always get:

Error response from daemon: {“detail”: “Incorrect authentication credentials.”}

Both when running the dockercloud client container manually, or when selecting the swarm from the docker for mac menu.

All of the docker versions are in the stable channel, and are (the same) version (17.09.1-ce).

Anyone aware of a solution? Currently, I can only ssh to my hosts in order to manage my swarm.

(Daan Kets) #2

Update: the same issue occurs when trying to connect from a linux client - so, it doesn’t have anything to do with Docker for Mac (just to be sure).