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Unable to connect to NGINX on random gen port


(Yuccatechnical) #1

I have an NGINX docker container running on an Azure node and Docker cloud has assigned a random port to it.
Unfortunately I am unable to connect, both from my laptop and from the node itself via ssh + curl.
I have had the container running locally and it all seems to be up and running in the node (checked via terminal)… here is the source in case you are curious -

Here is a shot of the docker ps -
a10e49bbfa01 yuccatechnical/docker1:latest “nginx -g 'daemon off” 19 hours ago Up 19 hours 443/tcp,>80/tcp docker1-7148664f-1.fb8927ab

Docker gives me the following address:
The host IP is:

The port has definitely been opened (checked in azure portal)

I’m afraid I’ve run out of ideas because I am relatively new to Docker/Containers and i’ve exhausted my knowledge!

Help appreciated.