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Unable to connect to swarm instance created on AWS


(Johnamentssi) #1


I’m trying to spin up a new docker swarm using the AWS provider. The provider spins up my cluster (1 manager, 2 workers). Using the docs, I found that (I’m on docker for mac) going to Swarms -> myswarmname connects me. Based on the guide I’m doing docker nodes ls to get the node list, but it fails with

Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/folders/2v/f0rh_sx54pn6wjx_q8z2c_wm0000gp/T/7bbf4dd8-14ef-42f5-b5c9-5f93504be14f. Is the docker daemon running?

When I directly ssh to the master node, I’m able to run it fine. When I did ssh to the box, I found that there was no public port for my docker instance (not sure if there needs to be).

My docker for mac version is 18.02.0-ce-rc1-mac50 (22256) (edge)

(Johnamentssi) #2

Ok, looks like it was a simple internal firewall issue. I’m curious, what ports would be used?