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Unable to create new Node Cluster on AWS

(Jason Vasquez) #1

I just signed up for an account and have entered billing info. I added AWS credentials. I’m able to complete the form for creating the new cluster (which pulls in VPC/etc details from AWS successfully).

When I press the “Launch Node Cluster” button at the bottom, the page immediately switches back to the Node Clusters list view (which says I have no clusters), and no apparent action is taken (and I see now change on the actual AWS account either). In the browser JS console, I have this message:

Unhandled rejection TypeError: Cannot read property 'statusCode' of undefined
From previous event:
From previous event:
    at t.l.value (
    at Object.r (

Is there anything I might be doing wrong?

(Sanjayhallan) #2

I also have this issue, any help?