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Unable to deploy/run percona:5.6 with data volumes; how to debug such an issue?

(Brett Zabos) #1

I’m very frustrated trying to do what seems to be the most basic task of deploying a percona instance using existing data files (scp’d onto data volume from local machine).

Has anybody been able to successfully accomplish this type of task? I’ve been using this for local development for a while now. My procedure with docker-cloud was as follows:

  • Create stack file
  image: ubuntu
   - /var/lib/mysql
   - /etc/mysql/conf.d

  image: percona:5.6
   - db-data
   - db-data
   - "3306:3306"
   MYSQL_USER: kittens
   MYSQL_PASSWORD: some-pass
  • Create stack
  • Create a linked ubuntu container to scp db data files into data volume
  • Verify db data files are in correct locations by ssh-ing into linked ubuntu container
  • Attempt to deploy

The percona instance never runs for more than a few seconds before exiting; nothing appears in docker-cloud service logs db, it’s empty?

How should one approach such an issue? I’m at a loss and don’t know how to debug. Where else can I look? How can I get the container to run long enough to attach?

Thanks in advance.

(Jerry Baker) #2

One option would be to SSH/SCP onto the actual host where the Docker cloud agent is running.