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Unable to Edit a Service

When trying to edit a service, the save button is always disabled. I tried to recreate the service, and the launch button is always disabled as well. Is this an error or have I reached some sort of account limit? I don’t get any error messages.

Can you give us any more detail around what service you were trying to deploy and the configurations?

The service is a single container with an image pulled from one of my docker hub repositories. I have a few environment variables set up but no volumes. All default settings otherwise. The change I’m trying to make is from Autorestart: Off to Autorestart: Always. Let me know any other specific info you need. Thanks for your help.

It’s working now. I didn’t change anything on my end, but the save button is enabled.

Thanks for giving us an update. We’ll keep on the lookout for this happening again in the future.

I have the same problem, tried to add stackfile but seemed impossible to do without getting yaml syntax error so just added the images. Trying to edit a service now doesn’t work because I can’t press the save button. Any required settings before it shows up?